INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY: 10 Types Of Women Worthy To Celebrate

International women’s day is a day set aside across the globe to celebrate women. It is a day specifically meant to celebrate women of great virtues who have passed through different hurdles in life.

Here are the 10 types of women worthy of celebration:

  1. VIRTUOUS WOMEN: In today’s society, it is very hard to come across a virtuous woman. Literally, a virtuous woman is one who is peaceful, trustworthy, patient, prayerful, humble, god-fearing, humble, et al. Such women worth anything in the surface of earth.
  2. GOD-FEARING WOMEN: A god-fearing woman is one who fears God in all she is doing. In everything she does, she considers God first. A godfearing woman thinks about the kingdom of God, any action that contradicts the principles of God’s kingdom, a godfearing woman will never do it.
  3. SINGLE MOTHERS: In today’s society, there are different types of single mothers. There are single mothers by chance, single mothers by action, single mothers by consent, single mothers by ignorance. A single mother by chance and ignorance deserves to be celebrated today because they bore children through man’s irresponsibility. They were tricked by men into having children. Due to the fact that their children’s fathers abandoned them, they took over the parenting of their children all by themselves. Such women deserve to be celebrated.
  4. WOMEN WHO ARE STILL IN THEIR MARITAL HOME: A woman who no matter what happens in her matrimonial home, irrespective of hardship/issues, she still maintains her home for the sake of her children. This type of woman supports her husband to ensure they succeed together. Such women deserve to be celebrated in a day like this.
  5. WIDOWS: By all means, widows are worthy to be celebrated today. This set of women cater for their families all by themselves. They train their children alone, take over the parenting alone. Widows deserve to be celebrated.
  6. WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP POSITIONS: Around the world today, there are many great women in leadership positions. Example are; Dr. Ngozi Iweala, DG of WTO, Kamala Harris, US Vice President, et al. Such women in leadership positions who through their resilience, intelligence, zeal, and grace, they got into leadership positions, deserve to be celebrated in a day like this.
  7. PHYSICAL CHALLENGED WOMEN: There are many physically challenged women in the world today who do not allow their physical deformity to stop them from becoming what God designed for them. There are some who are struggling to walk yet they still determined to become what they want and many are doing very well today. Such women deserve to be celebrated.
  8. WOMEN ON STREET TRADING: This is important category of women who by all means deserve to be celebrated. These women go out all day everyday and hawk on the streets from morning to evening to make ends meet. They struggle everyday to provide for the family.
  9. MOTHERS WHOSE CHILDREN ARE USEFUL TO THE SOCIETY: Just like the Bible recognizes virgin mary for being the mother of Jesus Christ, the savior of the world, every mother whose children become something great In the society deserve to be celebrated. This is because, they passed through alot in training their children to become what they become today.
  10. WOMAN WHO ALL HER CHILDREN HAVE DIED: There is nothing as painful as a parent burying her/his children. It always a thing of joy for every child to bury their parents and not the other way round. Women either single or married whose children have died passed through alot psychologically. In a day like this, it is worthwhile to celebrate such women.


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