Is Akwa Ibom State Govt Planning To Sell Ibom Golf Resorts?

News filtered in the air on Wednesday, January 29 that the Akwa Ibom State Government was making plans to sell out the Ibom Hotels & Golf Resort to a South Western consortium.

It further had it that the Governor through the Commissioner for Culture and Tourism, Mr Orman Esin has already served notice of termination of contract on some top management staff of the hotel including the General Manager of the Hospitality Industry, Mr. Ronald Stilting, and that Esin had gone as far as breaching the terms of agreement with the present General Manager of the Hotel by serving him notice of termination of contract without following due process.

But on a keen look and upon series of underground investigation, it has come to be that the government is not planning to sell the state’s foremost hospitality outfit now or in the nearest future but is rather in talks with potential investors to help up the ante on the state-owned Resort.

It would be recalled that the state government had always said it would partner potential investors across all sectors of the economy including hotels, as is seen in the partnership with Marriot over 4 points by Sheraton.

Away from this, investigations have emerged that the Ibom Golf Resorts has not faired better under Stilting’s administration and thus, needs to be changed for improved results.

The Manager in question is perhaps haunted by the fear of what might result from the talks with potential investors but should he? His tenure has expired and rather than fight, blackmail and employ cheap old tricks, he should close-up and be set to vacant his seat for a competent hand.

Due to his unimpressive performance, he is jittery that his contract may not be renewed hence, his alarm.
Isn’t it interesting that the “veteran” who was hired with high hopes of changing the paradigm, spent most of his time practicing photography instead of managing the hotel despite the huge amount of funds made available to him since he assumed duties?

So, if the government finds a better alternative to manage its investment, what apology does it owe anyone?

Let the will of the government be done so long as it has no negative implication on the welfare of the citizenry.


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