Lady Narrates How Her Man Dumped Her Because Of Her Skin, Then Came back To Beg After His Eyes Cleared

A twitter user @Ife_ifemi has narrated with tears how a man she loved so dearly hated her because of her skin colour, called her all sort of names saying, her skin is dry and it is not sexy and all that… Then after a year, he came back to beg her saying, he made a mistake for breaking up with angel.

Hear her story;

2 year ago, I had a boyfriend who never saw me as someone good enough all because of my skin, most times I wonder why he initiated the relationship to begin with. In several occasions, he told me how my skin was so dry, unattractive and zero seductive. He emphasized on the need

For me to bleach my skin to look good because for him, being fair is his definition of beauty. It affected how I viewed myself, killed my self esteem and made me hate my skin. I got tired and broke up with him even though I loved him so dearly.
Fast forward to early last year,

A friend of mine introduced me to oriflame skin care products and even got me a particular one. My skin changed drastically, became shiny, sweet and succulent. I really started glowing like never before.
Few weeks ago, I went to Roban stores to buy some stuff just to bump into

My ex and he didn’t close his mouth for about 20 minutes. Nigga was just looking and screaming how I look like a goddess and now, I woke up to this messages from him.


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