-By Williams Uchemba

Seek first Gods kingdom and it’s righteous and everything else will be added to you. Don’t chase what is in Gods hands, chase what is in his heart and what is in his hands will follow. Don’t allow what is going on in the world today about fake pastors and churches weaken your believe and love for God, the enemy the devil is only trying to separate you from the will and plan of your Heavenly Father for you , The attack on the church and his genuine prophets is targeted at you losing faith in God and his power but I tell you this, this attack won’t stop, it will get worse, protect yourself in Christ with his words and in prayers because the attack is on your destiny. Don’t be part of this “Woke” generation that don’t even have control of the air they breathe and make you turn your back on the one who created life itself. We only have a limited time here on earth and we will give account of the life we were given and what we did with it.So do your best to see that you serve God with everything in you for the rest of your life. Because it’s better to serve God in your youth than when your bones are old and weak. I gave my life to christ 17 years ago and my biggest regret is that I didn’t give it earlier than that. I have seen people that regret not serving God but I have never seen anyone that regretted serving him. He has never failed me and I know he won’t fail you too. JESUS LOVE YOU.


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