Man Dies For Wife’s Infidelity In Akwa Ibom, As Wife Pleads For Forgiveness

A 55year old man has died in Akwa Ibom State in the early hours of Monday 19th, 2021 due to his wife’s infidelity, reports.

An internal source who did not want their name imprinted revealed that Mr. Joseph Akpan from Iman Ibom in Etinan local government area of Akwa Ibom State knew that, his wife was cheating, rather than confronting his wife and stop eating his food as the tradition (Ekpo Nkawo) demands, Joseph kept harboring his wife for fear of being mocked by the people and continued eating her food.

“Mr. Joseph my brother knew very well that his wife used to cheat with many men. In fact, to show you that he knew about all his wife was doing, one of their children is not Joseph’s child but he kept quiet about it. His wife is fond of sleeping with different men which I don’t know whether it is for fund or money because I see no reason why a woman will know there is ‘Ekpo Nkawo’ in her family but will keep cheating”, family source cries out.

Speaking further, the source revealed that, the surviving wife is now pleading for mercy and forgiveness after her husband must have died of her dubious act. He said she has promised never to do it again but due to the tradition of the family, until a thorough cleansing on her is carried out, chances of her survival are very slim as her husband is already gone.

According to the tradition of Ekpo Nkawo in some clans in Akwa Ibom state, if your wife cheats and as a husband, you know and keep quiet about it while still eating the food she cooks in the same house, the husband will die prematurely. Meanwhile, if the wife had cheated before and got pregnant either for the husband or another man, at the point of delivery, she must confess. The traditional juju will use the opportunity to hold her to random till she confesses to her sins and if she refuses to confess, she will die abruptly at the point of delivery.

Wisdom Bassey

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