Man Narrates How A Lady He Dated For 5Years Got Pregnant For Another Man While Still Dating Him

A Twitter user identified as Dayo Ayoola has narrated his pathetic relationship story how a lady he loved and trusted so much got pregnant for another man after 5years in relationship without him knowing.

The man said, though he had forgiven her due to the love he had for her as well as his belief that, she must have felt remorseful after she cheated on him.

Read his tweets;

“So we started dating around august 2016 when we had just completed our final exams from school before then we were friends and even though I knew my intentions to ask her out earlier, I just wanted to wait till the end of our program as course mates and this was because I wanted

a serious relationship with her and in the end have her as my wife. We were so close that she knew my thoughts before they came out of my mouth and vice versa. We prayed and fasted together like intending couples would do. Everywhere I went I carried her thoughts with me that in

less than a month whenever I am in a new environment, people around me know I am in a relationship. She knows all about me, my friends, and everyone I speak to per time. I went ahead to introduce her to my whole family as my intended since I was so sure that she would eventually be mine.

Fast forward to 2017 something happened; she got pregnant for her ex and aborted the pregnancy while we were still in the relationship. I know I was probably stupid not to have noticed, although I did sometime around March of that same year she denied blatantly

that there was nothing of such. Although I later got to know about this incident through her, she actually confessed to me sometime early 2018 about the whole incident and swore on everything she had that she was raped by the guy. I was really pained, deeply hurt and seriously

was going to break the relationship, but then a part of me said “what if she had not told you?” really? So I felt she must have been remorseful enough and wanted to repair the bad she did so I called her back and we continued.

I never for once make reference to that incident during our relationship, it got to a point that she even asked me if I have forgotten what she shared with me? I told her no, I just wanted to move on, and since I was sure she wasn’t going to do that again.

Although, while all these were going on I shared this issue with a colleague and friend at work (Bemigho) who thought I was crazy to allow her back into my life but then I just felt maybe because he didn’t see how remorseful she felt that was why he said so.

Long story short she planned to travel for her MSc. (She has always wanted to tho) and we had plans. So, on the 7th of February 2021, she left the country but then we had plans, (I mean a lot of plans) on how we were going to get back together and finally get married.

However, the journey to the south started sometime in March I just noticed she won’t pick my calls all night (and this is because we speak a lot, call more than 5times a day) she’d told me she had headaches and was tired the first time I believed her so much that I kept checking

to be sure she’s fine.

To cut the long story shorter because we had a lot of issues with me trying to beg her to talk to me about what the issue is and her noncommitment is. At some point I got angry at her and thought maybe that would get words out of her but all to no avail.

Well this morning, I called her and she was apparently in another guy’s house so she sneaked into the toilet to pick up, cos I had kept calling, she forgot I knew what her room including her toilet looks like as I have seen the room in several of our video calls.

Well, that’s it.

I still really don’t get the gist around “men are scum” or this patriarchy movement cos really some men have stories to tell and the truth is some of these ladies especially cool-looking ones like Omoyele would shatter you.

I’m writing this to inform everyone around me that we broke up and I can’t always tell people this so yea that’s my story”.

Wisdom Bassey

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