My Father Sleeps With Me Every Night From When I Was 11. >>>The Little Girl Who Got Pregnant For Her Father Narrates.

The people of a certain community in Kaduna State were astonished to witnessing a very terrible, heartbreaking and traumatising case of young girl who suddenly became pregnant at 13, shocking the entire community and family members.

When asked who impregnated her? At first, she said she had no idea stating that maybe someone had defiled her during her sleep. This is due to the fact that, those in charge of the case discovered that, it was a cooked up story that someone close to her had told her to say. So the professionals changed strategy and asked her properly. She later disclosed that it was her own biological father who took advantage of her every night from the time she was about 11 year old.

She narrated; “On that fateful day while my mother had gone to sleep at a funeral in the neighborhood, my father came to my bedroom around 3am, tore my clothes and defiled me. After, he threatened to kill me if I tell anybody”.

Meanwhile, her salvation only came when she got pregnant at age 13, shocking the entire community who wanted answers and that is when the abuse stopped.

The relevant authorities stepped in and have rescued the little girl from her family to a safe home.

From the report gathered; She had a very painful delivery, she struggled for hours and only gave birth by to a baby girl. As at the time of fielding this report, little girl is still in a safe home and has since started school.

She hates the baby and has refused to breastfeed. However, this is nothing but a sorry sight.

People, companies donated for her to be safe and ok.

Reporter: Unwana Assam

Wisdom Bassey

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