Our Sunday Reflection By Rev.Fr. Joseph Eboh

May the grace and peace of Christ be with you! Dear friend in Christ, today is the third day after the Ascension of our Lord and Master Jesus Christ. This ascension of Jesus back to the Father is very necessary because the Son accomplishes the great mission (salvation of humankind) that the Father sent him to do through his paschal mystery. Today, he humbly asks the Father to glorify him, for if he glorifies himself for all that he does, the glory is nothing. And so, the Father to glorify him simply means to tell the world his real identity as the Messiah and the very Son of God, and to return back to the Father. In your varied situations in life my dear friend, you may have been blessed by God; perhaps, to the extent that you have a good-significantly achievements, either in material things or spiritual. With these remarkable achievements of yours, there is always the temptation to conceive that you have arrived and you begins to glorify yourself instead of allowing God to glorify you. Note that it is necessary to always allow God to decide for you what recognition you get, bearing in mind that the glory you appropriates to yourself via your achievements in life is ephemeral, it doesn’t last, it’s here today and gone tomorrow. Just think of it, With all that Jesus achieved during his life time on earth, yet he boldly told the Jews that if I glorify myself, my glory is nothing, it is the Father who glorifies me. At this point, remember that all you have and are belong to God. Without him you are nothing. Learn to be humble and submit yourself to his grace and glory. Whatever he uses you to do and achieve in life, see yourself as nothing before him, and God will surely glorify you at the appointed time. May God bless and glorify you and your family with a little you could do in his name. Happy Sunday to you. Fr. Joe Eboh.

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