Our Sunday Reflection: The World Of Today

May the name of the Lord be blessed now and forever! In a world like ours plagued by so much calamities, catastrophes, injustices, wars, insecurities, diseases and sicknesses, many are going through serious moments of insomnia; troubled both in the physical, emotional, psychological, even spiritual. In such situations, many lost their hope and faith and begin to ask certain questions like Job in the first reading (Job 7:1-4.6-7), in fact they are not sure what the next step in life carries.
In the first reading, Job’s life situation is worse than anything disastrous situation you may think of. He compares his life to that of a slave or hireling. For him even a slave or hireling has moment of relief or rest in the night, but for him pain, sorrow, always lying restlessly in his bed awaiting the dawn. There seems to be no hope of change, Job then concludes that “may eyes will never again see joy (Job 7:6-8).”
My dear friend in Lord, sometimes in life your situation seems or is like that of Job. Nothing really come easy or work well no matter all amount of effort you put. Pains, sorrows, heartbreaks, sicknesses calamities, confusions every time and Everywhere. Sometimes you attempts to give an explanation to such suffering but it makes no meaning. Sometimes you are forced to ask whether God is alive and why suffering always at the door steps of the upright while the wicked people enjoy successful wealth and good health? But you know what, there is a good news for you today. The good news is that Jesus is the solution to every problem. When you encounter him your story can never remain the same. In the gospel reading of today (Mk. 1:29-39), he encounters Simon Peter’s mother in law who was plagued with fever and many who were disastrously troubled with demonic spirit were brought to him, and he cures and restores them back to good health. This means that there is nothing Jesus cannot do, there is no situation he cannot heal, safe and restore. All you need to do is to just have an encounter with him. This encounter can be possible through, prayers, in his divine word, and the sacraments, especially the Eucharist.
And so, as you encounter Jesus today through his word and sacrament, the Eucharist, may you story not remain the same. May He free you from every sickening, insomniac and calamitous situation of your life. Happy Sunday and good morning to you.

Wisdom Bassey

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