Oro Youth Blasts Former Federal Lawmaker Over Comment:

Re- The Hypocrisy of Oro Protesters

~Anthony Akan

The former member representing Oro in the Federal House of Representatives made a post some hours ago with the above caption, he made a two points post in his own understanding and thoughts about Yesterday’s peaceful protest by the Oro youths…

My dear MP, I want to as well reply your points openly, since it appears the best place to offer advice is in the open.

1. The former MP was of the opinion that Oro Youths disrupted commercial businesses in Oro by blocking the road that ushers in and out both visitors and Oronians into and  outside Oro, according to him, this singular act crumbled businesses as well as held up commercial motorists from going about their normal business…

My dear MP, as an Oro man, I believe the first thing that should come into our minds whenever we talk about the Oro situation should be ‘AFANG KI’…
If we are so pained about the marginalization, why would a leveled Oro man even plan doing his business on the hours of the peaceful protest instead of joining in one voice to condemn what is not right, may I please remind you that the peaceful protest lasted about 3hours or thereabout, taking out three  to four hours of the time we have in 365days to express dissatisfaction against such marginalization is not out of place, therefore there was nothing crumbling about businesses at Oro, even when the protest trail got to Urue Akanobio, the market was filled to its brim as it usually is, meaning most people were already going on with their activities of the day….
May I inform you sir, that it wouldn’t have made any meaning or we would not have made any impression if we were just by the corner protesting while motorists continue to go about their businesses…

2. Hon. Robinson Uwak posited that for the protest to have been meaningful, it should have been done either at Uyo or Abuja and not in Oro….
Hon. Sir, the aim of the peaceful protest was to let the whole world know that Oro is not happy about the continuous marginalization, the aim was to show those involved in the evil plot that we have a voice and our voices must be heard…
Sir are you aware Channels TV, NTA and other local news outlets came into Oro in order to capture the news and give it a widespread publicity?
Sir are you aware most Nigerian dailies today carries the news of the protest? (Some of them have it on their cover page)

Again, what was the aim of the protest?

Every well thinking individual would realise that the aim of the peaceful protest is achieved…
Our voices have been heard, they know what we want and we believe they are working round the clock to meet our needs…
Besides sir, we did what we could with the little resources we had, after all, no prominent Oronian, especially those in elective positions helped out by any means….

Therefore Hon. Sir, in as much as I love your person and appreciate your  contributions so far to the Oro cause, I wish to register my disappointment at your criticizing of the peaceful protest, my reasons being that, if you had any advice to offer, there was ample time for you to have passed it along, the peaceful protest was postponed two times before it finally took place that day, as a concerned Oronian, you would have advised those incharge or profere your  suggestions, I believe they would either have hearkened to your advice or give you reasons why it should be done the way it was done, that would be better than waiting to criticize after the movement….

At this time, all we need is every Oronian being positive both in thinking and in expression, let us not have a divided house, let us be guided by the ‘AFANG KI’ philosophy in order to achieve our aim….

God bless Hon. Robinson Uwak
God bless Oro
God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria

Wisdom Bassey

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