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The former Minister of Aviation and a social commentator, Femi Fani-Kayode has listed out the three grave mistakes Nigeria is suffering from. He said, if Nigerian does not amend her way and change, she might crumble.

“I speak to you prophetcally and as a spiritual man now and not as a historian or a politician. Nigeria is suffering the consequences of three grave mistakes.

The first great mistake was the 1914 amalgamation. The second was the annihilation of and genocide committed against the Biafrans in the civil war. The third was the support given to Buhari by the Nigerian people and those that should know better in 2015.

Nigeria is suffering the spiritual and practical consequences of these three great mistakes and unless she acknowledges this and repents and turns to God for help and deliverance she will either disintegrate and crumble amidst a terrible and cataclysmic ethnic and religious war or just keep drifting and suffering under the yoke and bondage of bloodthirsty and wicked tyrants for many years.

Whichever way it goes know this: we have provoked the Lord into anger and ours is a clear case of divine retirbution and the judgement of God. We are suffering the consequences of our choices and the choices that were made for us by our former colonial masters, forefathers and post-colonial leaders.

Every error and every evil act and choice that we made has deep and debilitating spiritual and practical consequences and those consequences are much greater and far more devastating than we think or appreciate.

It really is so sad. The truth is that without repentance and national rebirth the future of Nigeria is very bleak indeed. As a matter of fact, unless something gives and things change, I do not see a Nigeria five years from now”.

Wisdom Bassey

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