Staying Single And Firm Requires Six Things

Being single and firm in this era where pressure of all sorts engulfs requires alot and tough decisions to stay on track. As one is faced with many temptations, it’s necessary one looks at life on the positive and futuristic side. The five things are:

  1. GOD: A single person who really wants to make it in life must first of all know God as he is the author and finisher of life. In order to stay firm as a single person, one needs God to make it through.
  2. READ BOOKS : Engaging on reading of books is in itself, an exposure. A person who reads books is exposed to so many things in life as such, it is necessary for someone who really wants to make it in life to read books as this would lead to the realization of many things.
  3. MAKE MODERATE FRIENDSHIP: A person who wants to go far in life must trime his/her friendship. This is the point in life where the kind of friendship to keep matters. Peer group and societal influence can either be of negative or positive but it is pertinent for one who is single and wants to stay firm in life to choose and decide friendship only with positive vibes.
  4. TRY AND MAKE MONEY: A person with money is indeed a person with confidence. Making money is one of the criteria to being a successful person. Being firm as a single person in today’s society requires money. The ability to afford the basic things in life makes life worth living and fulfilling.
  5. STAY AWAY FROM CRIME: Crime is one thing that drags single people backward in life. In order to be crime free in a society where crime is seen as new normal, one has to stay away from certain things like party, night events, bad friends, as well as anything that is against the law.
  6. AVOID NUMEROUS WOMEN: The end and destruction of many great men in the world is always traced to woman. As a matter of fact, any man that wants to go far in life should avoid engaging in multiple sex partners as this will hinder his progress. Spiritually, physically, having multiple women in one’s life is a badluck itself as such, any single man who wants to be firm should avoid multiple women with bad influence.

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