SUNDAY REFLECTION: How To Live In Christ Jesus

Living in Christ Jesus is a dream of every man on earth. The spiritual aspect of man is always willing to do what pleases God and live in the Christ Jesus but the flesh keeps pushing man away in order to lose tap from eternal life.

This article will try to succinctly explicate how man can live in Christ Jesus.

  • LIVE ABOVE WORLDLY TEMPTATION: There is nothing new under the sun as such, there is no temptation man can not necessarily overcome. In the book of Genesis 12:26, God gave man dominion over everything under the sun therefore, man has power to either accept or reject any temptation that might come his/her way in order to live in Christ Jesus.

  • WORKSHIP GOD IN SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH: This statement from book of John 4:23 clearly tells us how we should worship God and live in him. It systematically and theologically enjoins man to be submissive to and make supplications to only God who is in heaven and that can only be done in sincerity of one’s spirit and the truth. When man worships man in spirit and truth wholeheartedly, one can then boast of living in Christ Jesus.

  • PRAY UNCEASINGLY: The Holy Bible enjoins everyman to pray always to prove the efficacy of being the child of God. One can not claim to be a child of God when he/she doesn’t have a daily and direct communication with God. It is in prayer that one meets God and communicates with him. A true man who lives in God prays always in season and out of season.

  • IGNORE WORLDLY TRENDS: In a society such as ours, one is faced with so many temptations to join social trends especially on the social media platforms. In such situation, the ability to reject and stay on track is spiritual. There are some trends that are evil filled and if one is not careful enough to live above it in the society that is full of social vices, one can be led stray, thus losing sight of the godly things. In as much as one is tamed everyday with the worldly trends, if really staying focused in God and the after life, joining worldly temptation will always be a no go area.

  • KEEP GODLY FRIENDS: Research reveals that, 75% of man action is influenced by peers group (friendship) as such, there is need for one to know and be conscious of the kind of friendship one keeps. In a case where you want to worship God and be a true son of God, it is necessary you choose your friendship and make friends with people with same believe and faith so that you won’t be influenced into ungodly ways. As a man is judged by the kind of friendship he keeps, in order to live in Christ Jesus, it is necessary you friends that believe in what you believe.

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