The Audacity Of Good Governance:Unwinding Hon. Iniobong Robson’s Momentum Of Esit Eket L.G.A.

– By Aniekan Edoho

“The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails.” John Maxwell

The true mark of a leader is the willingness to stick with a bold course of action — an unconventional way that differentiate the statusquo, even as followers ponder why your approach is different from the statusquo. In other words, real leaders are happy to zig while others zag. They understand that in liberating and empowering the people, the only way out is inclusivity of the people in benefits distribution agenda.

In the 90s and during the decade that follows, governance in Esit Eket LGA was exclusively in the hand of Cabal whose beliefs was that anyone who should be close to the corridor of power must be a progeny of a known face and name in the community. As such appointments, jobs distribution etc was strictly allotted to privileged few in the communities of Esit Eket LGA. Rather than allowing commoners access to these opportunities, the cabal resorted to selling the jobs that was meant for empowerment of indigenes to non indigenes; then I will be hearing Big Four, G5, G10 and so on. Groups that were very aparthy to suffering the people.

Today, the story is different, because there is a helmsman in Esit Eket LG Council who have the audacity to recognize the need for equal opportunity for everyone in Esit Eket LGA, who understands and feels the pains of the people caused by oppression, injustice and victimization, who have the courage to “adjust the sail” from the injurious path to the path that leads to economic development, prosperity and freedom of all indigenes of Esit Eket. A helmsman whose core belief is that HIS OPPOSERS ARE HIS SOURCE OF ENERGY AND COURAGE TO BE DETERMINED AND ZEALOUS IN LIBERATING ANYONE FROM ESIT EKET IRRESPECTIVE OF POLITICAL AFFILIATIONS OR SOCIETAL STATUS AND CLASS. Above are the very reasons ranters, blackmailer, blasphemers, character assasinators are echoing HON INIOBONG ROBSON’S name regularly in the new media platform. In my nomenclature, they are Herodlike Political Errands.

Fortunately to every FANS OF INIOBONG ROBSON (FAIR) they are popularizing our Role Model’s authenticity, good governance, accountability, integrity, and non partisan inclusive governance. No doubt they have right of their self opinions. The truth is, it is a fact that their presumptuous campaign against the Chairman is to our advantage because it reduced our work of getting Hon Iniobong Robson’s name flowing maximally on social media timelines; they are highly appreciated for these goodness from their ignorance. EtebeAGAIN is for the good of everyone in Esit Eket, it’s for the continuity of inclusive governance, inclusive people benefits distribution agenda, it is not in any way to create fear for what is being discouraged in areas that value effective and excellent performance that is called ZONING. Expectation of every citizen from Governmental Leaders is good PERFORMANCE.

In terms of performance, Hon Iniobong Robson has done creditably well in all core areas. Records of his achievements on Education, Youth Empowerments, Peace and Security, Jobs, Physical Projects etc abound in both print and online media. On this year Armed Forces Remembrance Day Celebration, held 16th January, 2020; Hon Iniobong Robson in his habitual benevolence announced a commencement of payment of Monthly Subventions of N200,000 each to Nigerian Legions and Wives of Nigerian Legions in Esit Eket LGA. My question to his opposers is that, Is there any constitutional obligation and provision for these Subventions. Thank God, opposers to his Government are a source of his energy to do his best for his people. At that same event, he also announced his decision to personally fund the burial cost of two legions of Esit Eket who died more than 18 months ago but yet to be buried due financial constraints of their family with an ultimatum for the two of them to be buried before Easter Holiday, 2020. Yet some indiscipline youth will still allow themselves to be used to publish falsehood against his achievements and performance.

All of great leaders have had one characteristic in common: the willingness to confront unequivocally the topmost anxiety of the people during their reign. This is the essence of leadership. The willingness of the executive chairman of Esit Eket LGA to confront the unequivocal is clearly manifesting is his OPEN DOOR APPROACH TO GOVERNANCE where every indigene can approach and talk to him directly about their problems. His steadfastness to stick to this approach despite resistance from those of George Owell’s Animal Farm Mentality; who think that “Some Animal are more Equal than Others” really deserves encomium and commendations.

Given all that Mr Iniobong Robson has done for the people since he became The Council Chairman of Esit Eket LGA, does it not justify the call and advocacy for him to be given a SECOND TERM in office as the Chairman, Esit Eket LG Council. I solemnly declare that with recent constitutional adjustment for LOCAL GOVERNMENT Autonomy and the Supreme Court Verdict on the ILLEGALITY of Caretaker Committee in the LGAs, EtebeAGAIN is already a success and reality. It is not yet late for even the naysayers to embrace this divine arrangements by God for emancipation of people of Esit Eket.

Wisdom Bassey

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