• By Edet Edet

From the words of my learned brother, Edidiong Udobia “Politics is local”. There is nothing like mastery in the game, neither should anyone claim to be ‘Mr. Fix-it’ at all times. Even those who study political science in tertiary institution are sometimes tutored by bankers in the political field, because the political scientist understands the theoretical aspect of it, while the practical strategies are perfected through a collabo with the locals. Those who understand politics know too well that the political luck can fall on you today and diffuse tomorrow like the dew of the morning. It can as well swell you to a point you seem convinced that without you no leader can emerge in your locality, so you let your ego grow than the locals, you probably see yourself as a demigod, surround yourself with a false notion that there are no locals without you, not knowing that where your ego skyrockets, is where your knowledge about politics ends, because victory in politics is collective and can’t be achieved by a lone ranger.

A stroll down memory lane takes me to one of the sons of Esit Eket, who was privileged to man the affairs of the NDDC as the state commissioner before his death. No one will ever love to reminisce the ill tale surrounding his egocentric and power drunk ethos while in that momentary office. He grew bigger than the people and the office, to an extent his people did frog jump for visiting and demanding for their rights. That was ego, and that ego led him to lose his freedom before his untimely death as a pauper. This is a story for another day, if at all there will be a need to revisit it.

Now, back to the locals and the politics of that terrain, what is Jinx Breaker Edet’s interest in the politics of Esit Eket, a place you cross some waters before reaching his hometown in ONNA Local government? Absolutely no interest, but perturbed over the incessant tantrums, thrown on the chairman, Hon. Iniobong Robson, by a bunch of morally bankrupt individuals, who feel the treasury of the local government should be left into their hands for larceny at will, so they hide under the cloak of zoning with an assumed intent to stockpile public sympathy in other to perfect their devious schemes. They think because they had climbed the political ladder riding on the back of some political elites years back, who they eventually fell out with due to their greedy venture and insatiable quest for wealth; a political position they never would have attained on their own, they now assume to be the deciders of Esit Eket political fate, and are vested with the inalienable right to set the town ablaze through rabble-rousing in order to take back their lost glory.

What is the main grouse for this consistent attacks on Hon. Robson? The leader of the so called ASSOCIATION FOR BETTER ESIT EKET, who nicknamed himself Ayatollah Uyoata Azam, according to sources was transition secretary in 2017. Before the chairmanship electioneering, he campaigned to run a joint ticket with Hon. Robson as Vice Chairman, but was busy plotting to dismantle a group of the then kingmakers in the local government called G7 if he became the VC. When the news of his Machiavellian plots broke out, he was dropped and sidelined hence, the grievances.

Ayatollah before today was in the good books of Sir Bassey Dan Abia, then NDDC MD, who gave him the shoulder to climb to his assumed enviable political height, what later happened is what Ayatollah will tell the general public. He was an aide to Rt. Hon. Usoro Akpanusoh, Akpanusoh is still in government, what truncated that mutual trust is what he will also tell the public. Government is run with trusted allies, antecedents of persons formulate core criteria of recommendation for a higher position, but with questionable antecedents and ephemeral integrity, it gives room for distrust that possess serious threat to job delivery.

Ayatollah, as he calls himself lack the moral to champion any emancipation agitation for his people, his egocentricity while in the corridors of power and the records of his misgivings portrays any agitation he champions to be bequeathed with ills, and gives such agitation out to be introvertive. That will also be a story for the next episode.

As for zoning, the Udom Emmanuel’s administration believes in zoning and realignment, which gives room for every zone to be represented, if giving all the positions to his zone B is what the so called ASSOCIATION FOR BETTER ESIT EKET is agitating for, it goes a long way to showcase their mischievous tendencies and ulterior motives on why they want the chairmanship position.

Esit Eket is not for sale, Hon. Robson is a man the ASSOCIATION FOR BETTER ESIT EKET will have to challenge only through the ballot in other to test their popularity and affiliation with the locals. They have failed in different agitations to mortgage the future of Esit Eket before today and they will fail again. What they also fail to know is that there is a great difference between privileges and right, when they enjoyed all they did over the years, it wasn’t a right but a privilege, so it is also time for others to enjoy, so rather than cry wolf, they should pray for HIS Mercies and His Second chance to come.

Before I draw the curtain, there should never be a mix, Jinx Breaker Edet is unofficial, while Edet Edet is the official voice of the member representing Eket/Esit Eket/Ibeno/ONNA Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives.

I prefer to be true to myself, even at the hazard of incurring the ridicule of others, rather than to be false, and to incur my own abhorrence. – Frederick Douglass

Wisdom Bassey

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