Not everyone may have known that Governor Udom Emmanuel came into power with very few men who peradventure, some are still with him in the State executive council.

The very first four of them were; Ephraim Inyangeyen, Dr. Ukpong, Akan Okon, and Dr. Nsikan Linus. Apart from these few men, a good number constituting members of the State Executive Council who are still there to date are from the camp of Senator Godswill Akpabio. Nobody can unflinchingly argue against this fact for it is nothing but the truth.

Among these four-five persons that came with Udom into the government, although all of them had performed in their own capacities in their respective ministries, however, the achievements of Ephraim Inyang in the ministry of works remain a force to reckon with and will indubitably continue to hold sway by way of exerting positive influence in the lives of the people of Akwa Ibom State.

Anyone who has been in Akwa Ibom from 2015 and followed keenly the activities of the government will agree that it is only Ephraim Inyang among other appointees who had always gone out of his way, taken risks, and stepped on many toes to pacify the people for his boss. If the state didn’t have someone like Ephraim Inyang in the ministry of work between 2015 and 2020, the level of good road network in the State today would not have been there, and there is doubt as to whether the people of Akwa Ibom would have loved to vote Governor Udom back in office for his second tenure. These things are not fiction, the evidence is quite glaring.

One out of the numerous stellar performances and magnificent achievements of Akparawa Ephraim Inyang in saving Akwa Ibom State government of an impending shame then was the completion and delivery of the most equipped and largest Covid-19 center in Nigeria at Ituk Mbang, Uruan LGA. At the time, the people thought it was not going to be ready for use within the Covid-19 period, but it took just a for Ephraim Inyang, who was the only government appointee that was up and running to get the mega-project executed.
How about the many good roads across the State, and the state-of-the-art general hospitals which were all timely delivered and commissioned under the supervision of Ephraim?

Truth is, it takes a well-meaning and courageous government appointee who is dedicated to his duties, selfless, and committed to his boss and the people to do what the then Commissioner of Works did at that critical time when everyone, even government officials felt deterred to go out for supervision under their ministries.

A quick throwback to the ordeals encountered in the course of the dualization of some major roads in the State like Eket-Etinan Road, Awa Road, etc. where compensations had to be paid to structures owners, amidst the inhibiting and diabolic attempts of some of those owners in a bid to have more than a fair share of what they deserve. Despite all the delimiting factors, Ephraim stood tall and wade through the turbulent tide. It is not an exaggeration to say that if a man like Ephraim was not at the helm of affairs in the Works Ministry, the government would not have achieved one-third of what they are achieving today infrastructure-wise.

Maybe these are the numerous sins of Ephraim Inyang that give him the tag of an ingrate. Perhaps, he blatantly refused to join the bandwagon and die-hard sycophants in their stock in the trade profession. Maybe his sin is telling his boss that he is not going to support the person that never worked for or contributed anything to his emergence as the governor. It might just be for the fact that Ephraim has been bold, outspoken, and stringent in his approach, unlike some of those blinded sycophants, or it might just be his independent-mindedness that places him on a gibbet for execution.

Records show that, in all the appointees of Governor Udom Emmanuel, it is only Ephraim Inyang who has always complimented his boss. This, he expressed in myriad ways such as building houses for the poor, gifting of cars to the governor’s supporters, paying of school fees for hundreds of students in the higher schools of learning. giving out of marriage and burial support to people at random.

In other climes, hard-working and generous government appointees like Ephraim should have been projected, protected, and rewarded with a higher position of service, but here in Akwa Ibom State, he is being castigated and insulted by the very people whom he went out of his way to serve and help. Even those whom he salvaged out of the trenches are demeaning him.

Perhaps the numerous sins of Ephraim are those moments he always stood in the gap for his boss, discharging his duties judiciously, or his innumerable kind gestures to liberate some ingrates from the claws of abject poverty.

Despite all this, Ephraim will never be deterred. He will keep being who he has always been and his good works for the people of Akwa Ibom State will never go unrewarded.




Wisdom Bassey

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