The State of Akwa Ibom

By: Anthony Akan

There is a point in your life you get to, all you care about is exposing the truth no matter who is involved…

Where are we really headed to in this State?
Is this how the onlyGod movement is supposed to be?

This is a State where you can still find school children sit on the floor to learn (case study, St. Leo Primary School, Oduo Ebughu, Mbo Local Government Area, until the intervention by some spirited individuals recently).
In this same State, some people can’t access other locations from their homes for lack of good and accessible roads.
In this same State, Pensioners are dying day after day out of hunger because of non payment of their rights.
In this same State, many youths are roaming the streets jobless without hope.

Yet in this same State, #6.7bn of tax payers money is being set aside by the government to build an international worship centre.
But did God actually informed us that He is tired of staying in Heaven?
The five or more Churches per street that we find in Akwa Ibom is not enough for the worship of God?
Why are we trying to be more Catholic than the Pope?
This is purely and unnecessary waste of tax payers money.

What should really come first, why create unnecessary suffering amongst us with a vow to maintain it?

This piece is borne out of bitterness and feelings of cheat.
Why can’t we be employed in our State?
Why can’t our parents who have retired be treated fairly?
How do you expect them to survive?
You refuse them their gratuities and deny their children jobs so they can take care of them.

Do we even care to know why we keep celebrating funerals every week?
Do we care to know why most of the announcements on our radio stations are invitations to funerals rather than weddings?

Power comes only from God and that God can never be mocked
Only God can safe us from the situation ‘onlygod’ has put us.

This is no invitation to any security operatives, (that seems to be the only way criticism is handled in this part of the world) it is a sincere cry from a jobless heart.

Wisdom Bassey

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