The View Of Life In Different Perspectives

-Ubong Sunday

I am Sunday Ubong Okon a non partisan citizen of Nigeria who is viewing life in a different perspective. So many are born in societies that do not understand how their resources could be harnessed for the benefit of everyone residing in it. I am such a fellow who is founded in one of such societies.

Even as one has found himself or herself in such societies, it is worthy of note to think differently in such societies, inorder to realize your potentials. In a country like Nigeria for instance, graduates must have to utilize other knowledgeable skills to exploit areas which are very far from white collar jobs and make money from there. In a nutshell, all graduates wish or want to be fitted in corporate offices inoder to commemorate with their educational standards. So, its not always easy for graduates to think of exploiting areas that do not depict scholarly disciplines, but a very few of them would do so in such directions.
So therefore, those graduates who think in such directions inoder to survive and revive a societal economy are those I describe as citizens who view life in different perspectives. I stand to be corrected if my humble submission is one sided. Please note, not only graduates are considered here rather, everyone who is endowed with natural wisdom, can play a major role in a societal development. We all are wishing to be in a society where love, equity, tranquility, latitude and technological advancements are supreme.
However, the above mentioned wishes can only be achieved if we as the youths (both graduates and non-graduates) change our ways of viewing or approaching things the wrong directions. I know… if one were to be a corruption puritan the above mentioned wishes could be achieved in a shortest possible time if all hands are on deck.
To crown it all, an individual should not only thought of being financially free from cooperate jobs alone but rather, should look at other non- cooperate areas. These are just my mere assumptions and suggestions which may not necessarily be true but the constitute my opinions on the subject at hand. I do not claim expertise on this subject, but am gladly awaiting constructive corrections and recommendations thank you.

Wisdom Bassey

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