Today’s Reflection As Celebrated In The Second Sunday Of Lent

Today is the second Sunday of lent and the last day in February. We thank God for everything he has done for us in the month of February and pray for a better month of march, especially as we continue our journey with the Lord in this holy season of lent through our 40days desert experiences with fasting, prayer and almsgiving.
Today in the readings, we are reminded to always listen to the voice of Jesus the beloved son of the Father. In the first reading (Gen. 22:1-2.9.10-13.15-18) God spoke to Abraham and he listened to God, he believed and was faithful to God even at the point, he wanted to sacrifice his son. The second reading (Rom. 8:31-34) speaks of God’s selfless Love to humankind, to the point of giving out his son for our sake. The two readings, however highlight the idea of being selfless in love and faithfulness like Abraham and God in the first and second readings respectively, and not being selfish like Peter when he and other two disciples had the glimpse of God’s glory in the gospel reading (Mk.9:2-10), telling Jesus, “It is good to make three tents here…” The narrative in the gospel reveals Jesus’ true identify as against people’s preview about him. And the encounter of Jesus with Moses and Elijah shows that Jesus is the culmination or the fulfilment of all the laws and prophets of old, meaning that we must always listen to him as the Father tells us saying, “This is my beloved son, listen to him”. Listening to Jesus forms us and makes us to be faithful to him. And to be faithful to him brings about selfless love to him and others, especially in this season of lent, and not being selfish.
May God give us the grace to be selfless in love, and to always listen to the voice of his son so that one day we may have a share in his beatific vision. Good morning and happy Sunday to you.

Wisdom Bassey

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