With the recent development of storming different warehouses squirrelling Covid-19 palliatives across the country by some famished “innocent” Nigerians, it has unveiled a new dimension on how wicked and uncaring our leaders have been and surreptitiously genetically modifying themselves to be the opposite. But the unbecoming scenario had vociferously naked their fake garments of defending citizens they are clamoring for and meanwhile, Nigerians appeared defenseless at a crucial point they need to be secured the most. I have no iota of the intention to justify or legitimize the looting of Covid-19 palliatives by the accidental and artificial victims of abject poverty and starvation in the country.

Hoarding palliatives by some government officials is a wrong and unequivocally condemnable act. The food items that are meant for the indigents to directly cushion the financial predicament they are going through as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. But amazingly, some few selected individuals had chosen not to distribute the palliatives timely. They had left the needy families in abject poverty to have their bellies melt down from hunger that might lead them to commit any form of a criminal offense in the course of making ways for their survival. The Seventh United Nations Secretary-General, Kofi Annan said and I quote “Extreme poverty anywhere is a threat to security everywhere”. Sincerely, all the econometric indices have shown Nigerians are increasingly and geometrically becoming poorer day by day.

It is conspicuously clear, poverty is the main cause of hunger in the world. This is true in rich and poor countries alike. It is true no matter whether people live in urban or rural areas. Most people who are hungry are living in extreme poverty, which is defined as having an income of $1.90 per day or less.

Conceptualizing the above-mentioned points, you will understand poverty is inversely proportional to the security of any country. If poverty is high, the security would become very weak and crimes raised. If poverty is low, the security would appear stronger, and committing offense reduced massively.

The warehouses that had been broken in the past few days by angry citizens or you can also call them hungry citizens, because “a hungry man is an angry man” is inextricably linked with the hardships, poverty, unemployment, job instability, lack of basic amenities, and bad governance that are powerfully permeating our societies with the speed of light. These problems have forcefully pushed some citizens to the wall and they have blindly started searching for lasting solutions be it legitimate or otherwise. Subsequently, led to the breaking of the warehouses and catered all the hoarded palliatives that are originally and rightfully theirs.

This singular act of hoarding food items that are rightfully for the masses has sparked important speculation that ” The Governors are purposely targeting for 2023 election to start sharing it to woo voters”. The probability for this allegation to turnout true is very high, because of the abysmal lack of empathy and sympathy deep seated in our leaders. Moreover, this is just a few among the myriad problems leaders are causing in my dear country. I silently shed tears in my heart!

I strongly believe that our country is naturally devoid of any features or potentials of poverty that you could ever think of, but we are innocuously receiving the consequences of bad governance and poor leadership skills have been manifested by some self-centered kakics.

I lamented severally of the bad attitudes of Nigerian politicians and the way “we the citizens” are suffering.

I described our leaders perfectly in the article titled “Lockdown without palliatives is a total knockdown” and I quote” The bitter truth eardrums of our political leaders do not want to transmit to their higher centers for interpretation of the normal song that we have been singing for decades with our baritone voice that; “Helpless people are suffering” meaning the “Talakawa’s”. This has been and continues to be the norm instead of taboo in our local communities. It has reached to an extent that, daily three square meals are extraordinary circumstances only a few can step up to such a strange opportunity. Yeah, of course, it is a strange opportunity in the land of injustice! Out of the estimated 200,000,000 population in the country, a significant percentage of Nigerians are vulnerable and susceptible to any form of dehumanization. While a trivial percentage of the successful people including the affluent are indirectly not secured as a result of some uncertainties and unscrupulous behaviors the unsuccessful ones might indulge in. This would certainly continue as a vicious cycle. Collaterally everyone is suffering in Nigeria at ideal circumstances knowingly or unknowingly. Talkless of the period of partial or total lockdown, surely that could be the worst!”

However, it is not too late for our leaders to start rectifying their gross mistakes and pave the way for a prosperous country that could cater to the needs of its patriotic citizens. If we continue moving in a kettle of fish pattern, the National Security is in serious potential threats.

I do call on Nigerians to be law-abiding citizens and to embrace peace and stability in our respective communities. I am very optimistic one day Nigeria will be great!

Khalid Sunusi Kani is a public affairs analyst and National Coordinator Of Kano State Coalition Of Youth Groups. Can also be reached through [email protected], 07030631259.

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