Understanding The Nature Of Woman

History has it that, woman was created out of man. That is after God must have created man and discovered that, it won’t be easy for man to cope alone and God now decided to create woman out of man’s rib.

Woman by nature is a very complex being that requires extra wisdom to understand. Right from the Biblical era, it states that, even great men in history fell victims of woman. Woman as an entity has led many great men to the early grave, some to square one, some to nothing. So one may ask, how then can one understand woman if the likes of Solomon, Sampson et al could not succeed in understanding the actual nature of woman?

As a matter of fact, no man on earth, no mater how smart or intelligent he may be  has ever understood the true and wholesome nature of woman. The Bible made us to understand that, even Solomon, the wisest man on earth could not understand woman in entirety even though he had many women around him.

So, understanding the true nature of woman as an entity requires:

– Wisdom from God
– Patience
– Understanding
– Silence
– Prayer

Anyman without these five intellectual tools can not and will never understand woman. It takes a man with great wisdom from God to understand and deal with woman successfully. Since a woman nature is very complex and unstable, one requires wisdom to deal with the sex called, woman.

Without an unhindered patience, no one can really understand woman. It takes real time to get to know and understand woman very well. Seeing a woman for the first time and trying to scan everything about her in order to understand her will be very difficult because they have unsteady nature which can be likened to that of chameleon. As a chameleon changes its colour every minute, so do woman changes in characters and behavior. So without patience, no one can meet up to understand woman real good.

In order to succeed dealing with woman perhaps by way of friendship, one needs understanding because in that process, many things in her will come to play. There is this innate attitude in woman that will keep reoccurring everyday. It maybe awkward but this also needs someone with sense of understanding in order to cope with her. That is why in most relationships men have with women, women will always pray and plead to be understood as sometimes, they act out of context and in a very strange manner. So one needs understanding in order to really understand woman and know what he is made up of.

Woman’s psychology is far different from that of a man and the way man reasons is not the same as that of woman. Most times, women appreciate when they are allowed to showcase themselves and what they are made-up of without being monitored or caged. Some characters in a woman will be very annoying and trigger intolerance but most times, in order to avert the bigger situation which might lead to something else, the act of absolute silence should be observed. Therefore, when dealing with woman, it is necessary to know when to react to her excesses and when not to react.

The Bible tells us that, prayer answereth all things. In every situation one finds himself, it is advised to make prayer his partner in order to overcome it. A relationship that has to do with woman requires prayer. I mean a consistent prayer as through it, many things can be revealed. Succeeding with woman, one needs constant prayer because it takes the supernatural power of God to really understand the true nature of woman and who she really is. So, in this context, prayer is the key.

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Wisdom Bassey

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