VALENTINE’S DAY: 20 Things That Will Likely Happen On Sunday 14th

It’s no longer news that Valentine’s day for the 2021 falls on Sunday. Though Sunday for Christians is seen as the Sabbath day, being the day the people, especially the young ones show love to each other, these are the ten unavoidably things to expect on that day.

1. Some men who have been in relationship will propose to their fiancees.

2. Some girls will definitely get pregnant that day.

3. Some men/ladies will break-up with their partners.

4. Some couples will cheat on their partners.

5. Some people will buy gifts for their loved ones.

6.  Some partners will sleep out that day.

7. Some people will get drunk.

8. Those with no relationship status will feel dejected.

9. There must be Valentine’s babies after 9months.

10. Some people will lose their relationship.

11. Some spiritual minded people will attend church program.

12. Some virgin girls and boys will be deflowered that day.

13. Some partners will visit beach.

14. Some people will go clubbing.

15. Someone will lose his/her loved one that day.

16. Some people will be on fast.

17. Some people will wish to take their partners out but lack of money will not allow.

18. Some partners will go on a date for the first time that day.

19. Someone will suffer heartbreak.

20. Someone will find love that day.


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