What Akwa Ibom PDP Needs To Do Before 2023

People are getting politically enlightened day after day. It has come to the point that a politician can no longer walk down to electorate and promise heaven and earth then go back to sleep with the thought that the people will dance to his/her tune. Things have really changed and the people are wise.

People get inspired, enlightened, exposed and proactive everyday as it concerns politics.

In Akwa Ibom State, being one of the states in the country where 85% of its citizens involve in politics, the people are ready to take their destiny in their hands through the kind of leadership they want in 2023 and they are by all means ready to elect a leader with who is the people’s choice and no more by surrogate.

As 2023 is fast approaching, being a ruling party in the state, the people expect PDP to do alot in order to retain power from 2023 even as APC is doing everything possible to take over power from PDP come 2023. Moreso, the fight for who becomes the next governor of Akwa Ibom State is not going to be an easy one. Both parties are well grounded and ready with their machineries.

However, the people believe that the knowledge of who will become the next governor of Akwa Ibom State after governor Udom Emmanuel is reserved to God alone, as the situation is already becoming tensed and complex.

In a time like this, the powers that be in the party need to be proactive, smart and strategic than ever before. The governor who is the Leader of the party needs to do more in the party and makes sure he engages all the party officers from the grassroot to the state level if he really wants to make a successor.

The business of installing successor is not always a day issue. The task always takes years of strategic and proactive plans.

As the people of Akwa Ibom State are already becoming wiser interms of politics and elections, it will be a stale game and effort in futility if the governor and the party use few months to elections to do what they should have used 2-3years to do. In Politics, the earlier you start the process, the more and unhindered chances you stand to win.

As 2023 is fast approaching with aspirants springing up every day from all angles, it will only be wise on the part of PDP to start now to plan and commit everyone to work.

The party stalwarts who shall have a stake in the primaries are already murmuring and complaining. Stakeholders frowning at the leadership of the party in the state for lack of attention and fair treatment. As a matter of fact, should the leadership of PDP keeps ignoring the loud cries of the party officers and wait till few months to elections before they start giving attention to the members of the party, PDP may swing to the part of failure.

It will only be thoughtful for the governor who may wish to retain power through successor to start planning ahead now that the time is still a virgin in order to avoid “had I known”.

As it stands, everyone wants to partake and benefit from the proceeds of the 2023 elections and the ball is on the court of the party’s leadership to play. It is high time the leadership of PDP released all the benefits the party members used to enjoy to them now. Party officers at all levels are complaining of negligence by the state leadership of the party. The governor should know that time waits for no one. Some aspirants for the governorship race have already started to commit some delegates across the state and some are receiving salary from their preferred aspirants monthly.

Therefore, it will be unwise for the party not to start now to incorporate all the party officers in the state and engage them with something that will foster hope and trust. PDP needs to retain power beyond 2023 and it will be thoughtful to start now to fix things up with the officers who are already wandering around looking for aspirants to cash out from.

The leadership of PDP should wake-up from slumber as 2023 elections is not going to be play and hide game as usual. The people of Akwa Ibom State are really determined to do it differently this time.

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Wisdom Bassey

2 thoughts on “What Akwa Ibom PDP Needs To Do Before 2023

  1. As a fearless n on always on the side of truth which I’m known for. Let me make a little but positive contribution now that the PDP in Aks is heading to a Waterloo. Had I know is a careless systematic syndrome that should be avoided now. The Gov who’s the leader of the party is being surrounded by this harbingers that are not loyal but, waits for the 11th hr to exit. It makes no bravado Avoiding to meet at invals with the leaders n stakeholders of the party on a routine standing since 2019, will surely create a shock n a lacuna before our very eyes come 2023. I’ll not as a party man n leader stands to see the Gov not having to produce a successor come 2023. He, the Gov should start now to look inward for a mind seeking of how people in the party felt for a rethink n strategy . Thanks

    1. This is a very beautiful input from you that needs to be looked into by the leadership of the party.

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