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As a Catholic who prefers attending 6:30am mass in the early morning of every Sunday, it is obvious that, every Sunday mass always avails itself with new opportunities and lessons.

According to today’s Sunday homily with the topic “FAITH IN GOD AND FAIRH IN CHRIST”, I have come to understand that, in Christ Jesus, we are saved. I learned that, one only needs faith in God and through faith, everything is possible in our way. We only have to acknowledge God as our personal Lord and Savior and follow his way.

Being a Lenten period where everyone is enjoined to sacrifice self in one way or the other by refraining from some of those things that give us pleasure, we are enjoined to hope in God at all times as he is the only person who gives true happiness and peace. In him, we have everything we ever asked for but only if we have faith just like Abraham whom we see today as the father of faith.

Abraham needed faith to follow the road God showed him and so too does the Christian, to follow Christ. Faith is the foundation to which we know God and he does whatever we ask him to do.

The priest also talked about God’s faithful and unconditional love for us. That God loves us to the extent of sending his only begotten son to die for us. By loving us this much, Jesus Christ expects us to do same with one another but in all that, faith in God must be paramount.

The question is, do you believe in Christ Jesus and is your faith and hope found in him alone? Do not forget, through faith in God, we can achieve anything we desire.

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