What You Need To Know About The Oxygen And Vacuum Producing Plant In Akwa Ibom

To Mark His six years anniversary as the governor of Akwa Ibom State, Mr. Udom Emmanuel has commissioned the largest Oxygen and vacuum producing plant in Akwa Ibom.

Looking through the mega plant, all you know to know about it include:

“The plant you see here has a generating part of it that is capable of producing 100,000 litres of oxygen per hour. The plant you see here is the largest in the country. It has two compressors which ensures that even if anything happens to one the other one is still active and you know the quality of oxygen produced here is 95% pure while you get 21% from the atmosphere.

The plant also has a filling bay which you can come with your with your cylinder and refill, and it can refill up to 30 cylinders per day, and because of its large capacity, it can be upgraded to fill up to 120 cylinders a day.

This plant also has the capacity to supply gas to any hospital however big it is even if it is a 2000 bed capacity hospital.

We have a 24-cylinder bay within it that supplies oxygen to the Isolation Centre so that inside that place all you need to do is just turn on the oxygen piping and that 95% oxygen is available to give life.

This plant also has the capacity to produce vacuum so that you can use it in the theater or use it to clear the airway so that when you choke as it sometimes happens whether it is during Covid: where you have to clear the airways so that you can breath well; this plant has the capacity for that.

So, in a situation of Covid, not only are you able to give oxygen but you are able to clear the airways so that the oxygen can go in well and reach the proper places that it should reach.
So, in summary, behind me is the biggest oxygen and vacuum producing plant in the whole country”.

Wisdom Bassey

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