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Truth, according to the English Dictionary is the quality or state of being true. In a nutshell, speaking the truth is the ability of presenting something the way it is irrespective of what/who is involved.

Advantages Of Being Truthful :

1, People will trust you.

2, People will find you worthy to take up responsibility.

3, You will be favoured.

4, You will always be identified for something good.

5, You will be sought after.

6, You will attract people’s goodwill.

7, You will be loved.

8, God will bless you.

9, You will meet with great people.

10, Things will work in your favour.

Disadvantages Of Being Truthful:

1, People will hate you for no reason.

2, You will face many accusations.

3, You will have many enemies.

4, You will be denied of certain opportunities.

5, You will be gossiped about.

6, You will face many temptations.

7, You will be denied of certain opportunities.

8, You will be betrayed.

9, You will face many pressures.

10, You will have few friends.

Conclusion: The best thing that can happen to anyone is to be truthful in life. Though this seems very difficult due to the kind of society we find ourselves but being sincere stands you out and no matter the hurdles, you will always be vindicated.



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