Woman Cries Out: Says; She Can No Longer Endure The Drive To Have Sex Everyday

It was a pathetic moment to Ekaette and at the same time, astonishing to the onlookers as they watched in awe, a lady named Ekaette recounting her sexual ordeal.

Ekaette, a native of Calabar in Cross River State who could not bear her unceasing sexual drive that led to her sleeping with different men broke out in tears to the public, said; what happened to her seems to be abnormal as no normal lady can have such sexual drive as she has.

When speaking to the Newsline9ja Secret Reporter, Miss Ekaette said; “I am 26year old, from Calabar, Cross River State. I started having this strange sexual urge since I was 20 and I so much believe, it is not normal as no normal lady like me can have the urge to have sex as many times as 6 to 8 as I do in a day.

“At times, when the urge comes and my boyfriend is not around, I am always left with no other option than to call any available man to come and satisfy me. Immediately after such sexual intercourse with a man that is not my main boyfriend, I always felt guilty”.

When asked how many times she has sex in a day, Miss Ekaette in tears responded; “Some days, I have sex as many as 8 times with like 3 different men. Why I go for different men in a day is that; one don’t always withstand it and whenever they finished one or town rounds, they always felt tired and left in anger.

“To be very sincere, this always made me feel so ashamed of myself because, no normal lady in my age will have such sexual drive. It is as if, what I was born to do is to have sex everyday. I am so much ashamed of myself now and is making me loose value and dignity as a woman that is why, I decided to share it in public for people to know my ordeal and possibly, come to my rescue with any possible solution”.

Ekaette who said; her boyfriend lives in Enugu State and he is very much aware of her plight but always tried his best to cope with her though always worried as to what kind of woman will be so immuned to sex to the extent that, everytime is sex and nothing else.

Meanwhile, she appealed to the general public to come to her rescue because she really wants to do something meaningful for herself. Revealing that, because of the unbearable sexual drive in her, many men have taken advantage of her due to the fact that, she hardly refused men who have come after her for sex. Hence appealing that, anybody with similar experience who knows the remedy to it should come to her rescue as she can no longer bear it.


Wisdom Bassey

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