You Are Not Just Here In The World To Make Out Children-Man Advises Women

A Twitter user, Akeju, has come up again to advise women on how to make good life other than making children. Saying, their main purpose on earth is not necessarily to make out many children.

He therefore admonishes them to be moderate while making children even as he calls on men not to only look at women as children producers but also people who can explore other areas of life.

“When I see Mothers with 5/6/7 children, I do have a feeling. A feeling I can’t accurately explain. Maybe I should put it this way… it’s a mixed feeling because the experience comes with a whole lot of sacrifices. For me, I don’t go with the idea of a woman giving birth to a big size number.

Mehn! This is not the main purpose of your creation.Your children is not your whole life. They are just part of your life. Same as Marriage. You are not just here in your world to make out children. Don’t get me wrong. Children are the best gift from God but then, too much of it will mar you. Especially if you don’t have the grace, strength and adequate finance. You will not be able to cope.There is more you should get in life than a man; also there is more you should give than children.

For me, Many Kids is not good for women. With the exemption of very few. In the real sense, It’s like torture to many. Not all. That’s why our men needs to be educated as…they are the one who instigate this;and then sit on the necks of their wives

Someone once said, “A kid takes 4 years of women’s life.And for those who had 6: they spent 24 years of their lives looking after babies but I will tell you,it takes the whole life of a mother to look…after her children. Now imagine if she has six.

For the young women aspiring to be great,think it through before you make your choice. As having so much children had cut short many great dreams. Also, having lesser number of children do not guarantee success in life. It’s your choice. We live life by choice. But then, 20/30 years of your life changing your world can get your name written in the stars”.

Wisdom Bassey

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