You Find It Easy To Close Borders To Foreign Rice But You Find It Difficult To Close Them to Coronavirus>>>Femi Kayode Slams President Buhari

The harden critic of president Muhammadu Buhari, Mr. Femi-Fani Kayode has slammed president Buhari for refusing to close Nigerian borders to the deadly disease, Coronavirus but finds it easy to close them to foreign rice and turkeys.

This came after some countries like US, UK, China and some African countries have announced the closure of their borders to the disease, but in Nigeria, the case if different. Just yesterday, another new case of coronavirus was announced. This is because, the Nigerian government is unable to close their borders. He said;

“Not only do you refuse to formally address your people and offer them hope on the Covid 19 plague that has shaken the entire world but you have also refused to close our borders.

Instead of closing them you have declared them open to the Chinese, Europeans, Iranians, Italians, Americans, South Koreans, Indians and citizens of other afflicted nations when countries with caring, selfless, sensible, patriotic and responsible leaders like Kenya, Senegal, Ghana and South Africa are closing theirs.

You find it easy to close our borders to foreign rice and foreign turkeys but you find it difficult to close them to foreign cows, foreign herdsmen and coronavirus. Shame on you”!


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