Young Lady goes Missing In A’Ibom After Job Interview

This lady is missing after going for a job interview yesterday along airport road, Uyo.

  1. On Tuesday, one of my twitter followers, Itz Iniubong Umoren @HinyHumoren, a graduate of the university of Uyo posted on her twitter account that she needs a job in Uyo.
  2. A couple of people responded with offers. I also replied, asking her if she could write or do a marketing job. She responded in the affirmative and I asked her to send me a dm and email me a sample of her writeup for an opportunity in a project that I am part of.
  3. She sent me a dm on Tuesday evening and I replied to her on Wednesday morning. She didn’t have the required experience for the role and so couldn’t get the offer. Since she told me that she has digital marketing skills I promised to link her up when I come across an opportunity in that field. She thanked me and we ended the conversation.
  4. I woke up at 4am this Friday morning to see 5 missed calls on my phone. The moment I turned on my data, I got a flurry of mentions on twitter and messages. I checked the notifications and they were all asking me to help provide the email address of Iniubong for them to use and track her device to establish her location because she is missing after going for a job interview at airport road yesterday.
  5. I didn’t really understand what was going on, so I had to do a search on twitter for all mentions of her account. It was then that I came across a thread by Uduak Umoh (UmohUduak1), her friend, calling out for help in locating Iniubong Umoren.
    Below is what she posted 👇

“Y’all my friend @HinyHumoren is in trouble and she needs our help.
I’m currently in Lagos and I can’t help than to put this out there.
Earlier today she told me she was going for a job interview at airport road which is quite far from her house.
To cut everything short, she sent me a 1sec audio record on WhatsApp and I had to call her back to know if she wanted to say something to me but immediately I called her I heard her screaming.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Someone, please help her out
It was immediately I got this 1sec voice note from her that I called her and she has not been taking my calls. Y’all help me out 😭😭😭
This was our last chat before she left for the interview 😭”

  1. When I went through that thread, I understood why I got so many notifications. Obviously since Iniubong had gone to attend an interview and went missing thereafter, all of us who made job offers to her on that thread have become suspects.
  2. To clear my name, I posted the screenshots of my conversation with her and informed that she didn’t send me an email, so I don’t have access to it. Others did same.
  3. However one of the persons who offered her a job has deactivated the account putting suspicion on the account.
  4. Fortunately before Iniubong left home for the interview, she had informed her friend and her sister. She had given them the phone number of the prospective interviewer.
  5. The number of the person is 08127530092. Truecaller shows the name as Ezekiel Akpan.
  6. We have been trying to track down the individual. He has a massive digital footprint. It all points to him as a shady person.
    Phone numbers retrieved include:
    Email: [email protected]
    Apparently, he’s into real estate, auto sales and poultry.
  7. The case has been reported to the Police but the Police says that by law, they cannot act until after 48 hours.
  8. The Ezekiel Akpan has been tracked to Facebook and LinkedIn and he has deactivated both accounts. Efforts are being made at apprehending him.
  9. A facebook user by the name “Bee Moses” has also confirmed that she was once invited by the suspect for a job interview at airport road but didn’t go and ended up being verbally abused by him on phone for not turning up.
  10. I am saddened and livid at what this nice young lady is going through. Iniubong is done with her first degree and should be doing her nysc by now but because of the Nigerian system, she is still at home waiting for mobilization for service. The girl committed no crime in searching for a legal job to keep body and soul together. She committed no crime in searching for opportunities online. She doesn’t deserve what she is going through.
  11. This is obviously a case of kidnapping. I pray Iniubong is found safe and sound and her captors apprehended.
  12. If there’s a way you can help to track down the person with the phone number 08127530092, please reach out to me.

Thank you.

© Iniobong Leroi Umoh

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