Your parents Giving Up Somethings To Make You Happy Is Worth more Than Ferraris, Imo State Bar Celebrity, Cubana Encourages The Youths

Read him 👇👇👇

I saw on social media yesterday how billionaire Femi Otedola bought his three daughters one Ferrari for each of them, everyone were reacting “God when, best father of the year, this life nor balance” blah blah blah…… 🤦🏽‍♀️

Another posted on Twitter and I quote “I hope Otedola’s Ferrari is not making you belittle the sacrifices your parents made for you cos that would really be a stupid thing to do” this quote made me remember over 10yrs ago when my father was alive, ok it’s story time. 😊

Some years ago , a popular eatery ‘Mr Biggs’ was opened in our vicinity at the beginning of the year. It was the most fancy place everyone wanted to visit then oh! , My little sister and i always fantasized about visiting the place, whenever any kid in the neighborhood visited the eatery and came back with bags, the two of us would ask them how they felt visiting such ‘expensive’ place and their response would be our new fantasy scenario.

We were broke at that time so we dared not to request for such ‘luxury’ (yes it was a luxury to us then). Occasionally, we’d mention going there in between jokes but most times we always a “when we have money you’ll all go there” reply. We sometimes pray silently for God to bless mommy and daddy so that we can go to the popular ‘Mr Biggs’ eatery 🙏🏽

Then came Christmas in that same year, we woke up and My dad told us to wear our Christmas clothes and that he wants to take us to ‘Mr Biggs’ you could imagine the joy on our faces that day 💃🏽

We quickly wore our clothes my Dad wore a sport outfit and snickers, he held the two of us and booked a taxi 🚖

We occupied the back seat of the taxi and felt like rich kids, believe me, when I thought about it now I had the same feeling the Otedola girls felt yesterday. We walked into the eatery and all eyes were on us 👀

We looked rich: my Dad all dressed up in white shorts, T-shirt and snickers,

The taxi was a car in vogue then, so when we got out people thought the taxi guy was our driver (sort of duh! 💁🏽‍♀️) and my dad paid him to wait for us. While the taxi guy waited, we went straight to the counter and Dad asked us “what do you people want?” And we started making orders like we were on real life jumia 😂

We got some snacks, ice cream 🍦 and drinks 🍷 Dad took all the bags and held them for us while we walked back to our imaginary Ferrari 😎 (the taxi) Dad even got the taxi guy a pack of his own and he opened the door for us and we hopped back in like some goddamn rich kids and drove back home. 🏡

One thing we didn’t know was on that very day, my dad had to choose between buying chicken and rice for Christmas or making our going to ‘Mr Biggs’ fantasy become reality with that same money. I don’t know what anyone might call this but I call it sacrifice. Otedola bought cars worth up to N500million for his daughters and believe me spending that money wasn’t a sacrifice to him. 😔

Your parents giving up somethings to make you happy is worth more than Ferraris but you won’t know that because you’re blinded by the things you see on social media and you let those things influence your thoughts. 😏

Your parents made some sacrifices for you, remind them today and appreciate them for it.

Some stories may not be 100% true but to teach you.


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